Skirting boards

Terracotta pieces manufactured by hand, for completing the finish where paving meets the walls. They can be used indoors and outdoors.


Type/td> Measurement (cm) Pieces per m² Pieces per pallet Weight unit Tests Datasheet
Skirting boards 30 30×8,5×2,2 3,27 1530 0,765 kg UNE-EN ISO 10.545-2UNE-EN ISO 10.545-3UNE-EN ISO 10.545-4 descargar ficha PDF
Skirting boards 40 40×8,5×2,2 2,44 950 1,000 kg descargar ficha PDF
Skirting boards 46  46×8,5×2,2 2,18  1,270 kg descargar ficha PDF