Description and uses


Light yellow terracotta pieces, with one face smooth and the other grooved, joined by tongue & groove. They are manufactured with different lengths, from 50 cm to 100 cm. They are hand-picked before being palletised.

Because of their high bending strength, these pieces are ideal for constructing flat or sloping roofs under tiles, whether they are supported on brick openwork roof or concrete, metal or wooden joists.

They can also be used for lining the edges of floor slabs and pillars.



Type Measurement (cm) Pieces per m² Pieces per pallet Weight unit Tests Datasheet
TONGUE & GROOVE 50 50x23x4 8,7 250 3,400 kg UNE 67.041-88

UNE 67.043-88

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TONGUE & GROOVE 60 60x23x4 7,2 125 4,100 kg descargar ficha PDF
TONGUE & GROOVE 70 70x23x4 6,2 125 4,750 kg descargar ficha PDF
TONGUE & GROOVE 80 80x23x4 5,4 125 5,450 kg descargar ficha PDF
TONGUE & GROOVE 90 90x23x4 4,8 125 6,100 kg descargar ficha PDF
TONGUE & GROOVE 100 100x23x4 4,3 125 6,700kg descargar ficha PDF